Hiding my head in the sand?


picture by Martin Surl

Ostriches are amazing flightless birds that have been clocked as running 43 MPH. They have some quirks, one leading to the idiom bury your head in the sand (which means to ignore, or hide from obvious signs of danger). It alludes to an ostrich, which is believed (incorrectly) to hide it’s head in a hole in the ground when it sees danger. Actually, when lying down and hiding from predators, the birds lay their heads and necks flat on the ground, making them appear like a mound of earth from a distance, aided by the heat haze in their hot, dry habitat. This defensive behavior of lying low makes them appear from a distance to have their head buried.
As I soaked in the tub, I was reading a fiction historical novel, by a  Christian author, about the times just before, and during JESUS CHRIST’s life. Graphic details given, triggered thoughts that were not good. So, I gave those thoughts to GOD, shut the book and later took it back to the library.

I opened an email from a dear, dear friend and it contained slurs about people, that although may be true, at least in part, it directed my thoughts where they should not go (to think and act by human standards and not GOD’s). So, I deleted the email.

The book of Revelation, that I am teaching, is jam packed with stuff one might want to ignore.  But, GOD’s word is true and will happen, therefore we need to pay attention to it and act accordingly.

Many will call me closed minded, or burying my head in the sand because I chose to use the Bible as my standard. Actually, I am just following GOD’s instructions.  HE made the world and everything in it and knows all things past, present and even future so HE is the only ONE qualified to give directions..

GOD honored my shutting that book, and deleting that email, by confirming my choices as I read HIS words in Matthew 6:22,23 about how the eye is the lamp that gives light to the body.  “If what I look at, think about (take in and mull over) is pure (undefiled) then I will have all the light I need to see clearly and show me the way I should go. But if what I look at ,and think about is defiled by human standards and values, I am in total darkness. And won’t know what way to go.

The word all in those verses, for both cases, shook me for a moment. Just a little bit of human standard defilement brings in darkness, clouds things so much, it will throw off my perspective to the degree that I don’t know the right way to go. Must be why GOD urges us not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed (metamorphized- you know like to change from a caterpillar to a butterfly) by the renewing of our minds; that we may test and approve the good, acceptable and perfect will of GOD (Romans 12:2).

That verse really shows how important what we focus on is. We need to recognize the bad, but focus on the good.

So where do you, where do I go to get our perspective? Is it the wisdom of this world found in the media, or the wisdom hidden in CHRIST and found in HIS word the Bible?  Whose outlook do we choose to live by? As for me, I choose to live by the wisdom found in GOD’s word.

Looking unto JESUS the Author and Perfecter of my faith




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