Christmas Vignettes: The Wise Men

Christmas really happened. Perhaps a bit like this:

The Wise Men

The trip was both exhilarating and exhausting. Can you relate to being jounced for a jillion miles on the back of a contrary camel? But we were bringing gifts to the One born King of the Jews.


In Jerusalem, we collided with and were courted by old King Herod who was crazy with envy at the report of any king other than himself. After our leaving him and Jerusalem behind, abuzz with the news of a newborn King, we headed for Bethlehem, per prophet instruction. The star again guided us, until it stopped above a humble abode.

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photo credit:

Unloading our gifts, and stooping through the entry, we found ourselves in the Presence of a sleepy Child in the arms of His mother. My vocabulary fails every time I try to put the experience of His Presence into words.


Without looking at each other, without speaking to each other, we fell to our knees before that Child. It was just the thing to do. And we offered to Him our gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh. A thrill still goes through me as I recall that chubby hand reaching out to touch the jars we presented.


There was such a – oh, what do I say? – a Presence about Him! I knew He was destined for greatness. I knew there was already a greatness in Him. There was – eternity in Him, and power, and peace, and…yes, majesty – even in those humble surroundings.


But you wouldn’t understand, unless you, too, had been there. I couldn’t be in His Presence and not be changed.


I, we, walked out, mounted up, and rode off in silence. Changed men. Changed forever by being in the Presence of the King.

Merry Christmas to all!

Jamie Lucero

1Timothy 1:17


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