Christmas Vignettes: Simeon

Christmas really happened. Perhaps a bit like this:


I wakened early that morning, earlier than usual – and I’m an early riser. I felt–anticipation. Something was in the air! Nooo, it was in my heart; in my mind! The Holy Spirit was pressing me to go to the temple right away. Never one to resist Him, I got dressed and walked there.


Long time ago, the Holy Spirit had spoken to me: “Simeon, before you die, you’ll be privileged to see, with your own eyes, the Messiah.”  I’ve grown quite elderly awaiting the fulfillment of that promise. But this pressing feeling of mine had me wondering if today might be the day!


Entering the temple, I was strangely affected at the sight of a couple and their Baby son. Old as I am, I pushed through the people and stopped in front of them. I reached out and gently tugged the cover from the Baby’s face. I was touched deeper than I could have imagined. I recognized, in the face of an eight-day-old infant, my Messiah. THE Messiah! The Promised One had arrived!

No doubt His parents were startled, but His mother didn’t resist as I took the Baby and held Him in my arms. I believed God’s promise to see Him, but to hold Him? That was a gift and honor beyond my ability to describe.


I lifted my eyes and my voice to God: “My eyes have seen Your Salvation which You have prepared for all people!” I could not but worship. After all those years, God had kept His Word. I have seen the Lord!


As I placed the Baby back into her arms, I gently gave a stark warning to the young mother. Her heart would be broken that many hearts might be made whole. She didn’t understand, but she will.


As for me, I’m ready to go home in peace.  I’ve seen, and held, the Savior of the world. God ever keeps His promises.

Merry Christmas to all!

Jamie Lucero

1Timothy 1:17


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