Back when I was in school, we had a tardy bell that rang.  If we were not in our seats by the time it rang, we were marked tardy.  So many tardy marks, and there were consequences.  Consequences nobody wanted!

Sometimes it seems as if GOD is dragging HIS feet.  Certain things HE allows, and HIS timing makes no sense at all to me (Isaiah 55:8-11).  But, I trust that HE knows, what HE is doing.  I have learned more about the long-suffering, forbearing nature of our Great GOD, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY as I’ve prayed and agonized while writing this study on Revelation.  One after another, little things come into view.   Insights explode, clarity comes bringing things into focus and they create in me great excitement and joyous wonder.  Those things were there, in the Word of GOD all the time, but I had somehow missed seeing them.  Or rather, the HOLY SPIRIT hadn’t uncovered and explained them to me yet (1 Corinthians 2:10).  Well, one of those things concerns the LORD’s longsuffering and forbearance in something HE allows,  It defined something both angels and men question, and is referred to in Revelation as a mystery of GOD.

I woke up one morning very, very, early feeling troubled and defeated.  A verse came to mind: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” (Proverbs 13:12). 

“Yes,” I agreed, “that’s how I’m feeling.”  Things looked so wrong, not a bit like my expectations, but rather a mocking of them. Then a whisper of a thought penetrated, “Didn’t I promise?” The word ‘deferred’ came to mind. I got to thinking, the word was deferred (delayed, put off for a while) not denied. 

The LORD is not slack (tardy) concerning HIS promise, as some men count slackness (being late); but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any (of us) should perish, but that all (of us) should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

GOD is going to keep that specific promise HE gave me, but it will be on HIS time schedule (Acts 17:26-27), and in HIS way.

Do you despise the riches of GOD’s goodness, and long-suffering, and forbearance (putting up with things?) Don’t you know that the goodness of GOD leads you to repentance? (Romans 4:2).

This delay in my life is for my good to lead me and perfect me, as much as it is for the others involved. GOD has shown me some things lacking in me needing to be changed, since that first disappointment hit.  Patience has not finished its completing work in me yet (James 1:3-4).

Are facing a personal delay?  Or are you concerned about the things going on in our nation and the world?  Look to GOD.  HE has a reason for the timing.  HE is neither ignoring the issue, nor is HE late. Believe HIS word that HE is working this seeming delay for an end result of good (Romans 8:28).  GOD will get there before the tardy bell rings.  It’s a given!

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith





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