Once Upon a Dark and Stormy Night

***This blog is written by Jamie Lucero, though posted by Jodi Greene***

All their lives they were men of the sea. But this dark and stormy night they were afraid for their lives. They were doing exactly what they needed to do to stay alive and doing it with all their might. And these were men’s men, broad and brawny, strong and brave. But they expected any moment to capsize and sink to the bottom of the raging waters. They were mortally afraid.



But Jesus was making His way to them. Walking on top of those same waves they thought were going to be the death of them. He came conquering and to conquer. They just didn’t know where He was. They couldn’t see Him in the dark of the storm. They may have thought He didn’t know where they were or that they were fighting for their lives.

Then He was there – in their storm – sighted through the torrents of the rain. They saw Him walking toward them on the sea that they thought would drown them. They heard Him speak to them above the roar of the wind, “It is I. Be not afraid.”

Their minds immediately turned from the storm to the Lord. Their fears fell with the wind and waves. Their hearts, and the elements, were calmed by the words of the Master. Their fears evaporated along with the spray. Peace reigned in their spirits and on the sea. The Lord was there. The dark and stormy night immediately became a memory, a testimony to the power of the Presence of the Lord.



Are you experiencing a dark and stormy night in your life? Are the waves riding high while you’re sinking low? Do you feel engulfed by the fury of the storm? Do the dark and the storm threaten to overwhelm your ability to stay above the fray in spite of all your work to stay afloat? Is your strength losing ground to the elements around you?

Lift up your head; your Redemption draweth nigh.” He is there though you don’t see Him. Whatever He brings you to, He’ll bring you through. His Word is your lifeline and His hand upholds you. He is in control of the storm and His Voice speaks calm. Don’t you ever doubt that.

Let this quote by Billy Graham’s mother soak into your spirit. “And when the storm is all passed, the brightness for which He is preparing you will shine out unclouded. And it will be Himself.”

Does the political nightmare threaten to drive you crazy? Does our world seem ready to crash and burn, leaving you fearful and distraught? Is it dark and stormy on every side wherever you look? Remember this with Shirley Dobson: “There is no security apart from Him. When troubles threaten to engulf us, we must do what believers have always done – turn to the Lord for encouragement and solace.”

Whatever the circumstances of your dark and stormy night, if chaos is your lifestyle, if the mundane has you questioning your value in the grand scheme of things, if illness has you sidelined, or the illness of a loved one tempts you to question God’s heart, if you’re doing all you know to do and the waves still threaten to sink your ship, when you think God has left you to your own resources, let this reminder from Anne Ortlund redirect you: “In your good times, in your bad times, when life is wonderful, when life is awful – don’t fix your eyes on your life, fix your eyes on Jesus.”

In a threatened world, in the kaleidoscopic whirl of our life patterns, it can be enormously reassuring to remind ourselves that God is Unchanging” writes Gina Andrews. He knows about dark and stormy nights. He knows about your dark storm. He’s walking above it. To your rescue. Don’t you ever doubt that.

Jamie Lucero



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