Let go


One day, several of my great grand kids were down, They played hard, but when it was time for them to leave the littlest, Little Michael (the one sitting on the swing between his sister and cousin), didn’t want to let go of some of the toys Grandma keeps at her house.  He was tired and wanted to go home.  Yet, he fussed, he fumed, he screamed and hollered when someone tried to take the toys he held firmly in his hands.  But, he couldn’t go, until he let go of the toys.


GOD has so much for us, but often we cannot go ahead to receive them, because we won’t let go of something that is stopping our progress.  So we are stuck.  No matter how hard we scream and holler, it does no good. We are still stuck until we let go of what is holding us back.


Reading Jeremiah 3, with GOD’s use of the word children, I got to thinking of many kids of believers who went to church as kids, were taught the truth, but later turned away to go out into the world.  


One young mother in a Bible study of mine, many, many years ago, loved the Word of GOD.  She was a precious gal who would dig in and study, but, there was something that kept her from going forward.  She seemed so stable, until that day.  The day she heeded the call of that thing she wouldn’t let go of.  It called her back into the world.  That something held such attraction for her, that she even left her 2 small children and husband to chase after it.  That something was drugs.  Now, I was oblivious to the fact, but later learned, that all the while she studied with us, she and her hubby spent their evenings secretly smoking marijuana when the kids were in bed.  Once she had spoken of a concern she had for her husband and drugs.  I don’t know whether it was the judgment of her husband (Roman’s 2:1), the joining with him, or some other factor led to her fall.  All I know is that she left to chase after highs.  None of her closest friends knows where she is to this day.  It breaks my heart.


“..they didn’t come … to ME with their whole heart, but only pretended,” says the LORD (Jeremiah 3:10 New Century ).


Yet GOD is calling: verse 11 “Come back to ME… I will stop being angry with you…I am full of mercy.  Verse 14 come back to ME unfaithful children… (those who have) followed their own stubborn hearts. Verse 22 Come back to ME, you unfaithful children and I will forgive you…”


GOD is calling to all who have turned away from HIM and HIS ways.  But, unlike me, HE can’t be fooled.  HE knows if we give HIM all our hearts, or still cling to something besides HIM.


GOD says, “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you.  I will give you a hope and a good future.  Then you will call MY name, and you will come to ME, and pray to ME and I will listen to you.  You will search for ME, and when you search for ME with all your heart, you will find ME.  I will let you find ME (Jeremiah 29:11-13 ).


Have you ever felt GOD was not hearing your prayers?  I know I have.  When that happens, I cry out for HIM to show me what is in the way.  If you know someone who says GOD won’t hear them when they pray, you might pray that GOD show them whatever it is, that they are grasping in their hands and clinging to, that blocks HIS ears from hearing.

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith




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