When there is a storm, struggles and problems coming at us like arrows, “It will result in (lead to) an opportunity to witness” (Luke 21:13).

They had been on a ship, and had gone through a rough, life-threatening storm.   They were told, after the storm, when you hit the calm, you will have an opportunity to testify.( verses 15 even says: the words will be given to you). In other words, after a wild ride, you will be ready to tell all about it. That is what my book is about. It is also, how I minister to those who are in the midst of struggle.

Just yesterday, an ongoing email conversation, began with a gal I have never met. She is struggling with fears. Since, I have been there and done that, through many storms, and have experienced the deliverance of GOD each time, I was prepped to witness to, comfort, and instruct her.


The calm, after the storm

Problems result in having something to share, and Luke 21:15 promises you will have that audience/ opportunity to witness.
The words will issue forth, like a baby thrust forth out of the womb. The struggles, the problems, and even the temptations, will give birth to a testimony. Now, just think of new born who makes a lot of noise at first! Did you ever think, she is just giving her testimony concerning what just happened?
The next time you have a problem, remember this is GOD setting the stage for you to pass a message from HIM to others. Praise the LORD in all things, we are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us and gave HIMSELF for us!

Looking unto JESUS, the author and perfecter of my faith.




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