The bear


While out in Northern California our life-long friend, Alan, took us for a day of four-wheeling up dirt roads in Plumas National Forest.  It is beautiful country, and we saw many interesting things.  We went up to a rickety lookout shack.  The steps up to it, were crumbling, and I slipped once going up.  Therefore, I didn’t go into the actual outlook station, feeling it a bit too risky.  Before World War II, there were five or six of those lookouts on various mountain tops.  They were manned, 24 x 7 to watch for forest fires.  With communication between the outlooks, any forest fire would be spotted, the location could be calculated, and given to the fire fighters.

guys waiting

The guys were waiting for me, as I climbed down from what was left of that old outlook station.

al n me

As we took off, naturally Alan led in one fourwheeler, because he knew where he was taking us.  With the maze of  logging roads on the mountain side, one sure could get lost easily.  Since Alan’s fourwheeler had room for two, I rode with him.  Mac brought up the rear, so he hung back, as not to eat as much dust.  Not long after leaving the base of the outlook station, Mac slowed a bit because of the rocks, and gullies in the road, from water runoff.  He felt more than saw some movement off to his left, but was concentrating on maneuvering the four wheeler.  So when, suddenly a bear loped hurriedly cater-corner across his path, not ten feet in front of him, it really shook Mac up.  He described the bear as having all four legs stretched out as he lunged hurriedly past him.  It happened so fast.  As soon as it was gone, Mac gunned the four wheeler, and flew to catch up with us.  Mac figures the bear must have been scared by the biker, or truck, who were still up at the lookout when we left, for he was running lickety split from something, running for all he was worth.

Alan stopped at a fork in the road, to wait for Mac to catch up.  That was the only way that Mac could know which road to take.  It wasn’t long before Mac came flying around the bend.

coming round the bend

His near tangle with the bear had left him breathless!  As the words tumbled out of his mouth, I heard my husband excitedly relate his adventure with the bear.  I was silently green with envy.  I whispered to the LORD, “I know its childish, but I wish I could have seen the bear.”

Alan took off again, and not ten minutes later, we spotted, what Alan said, was the biggest bear he’d ever seen.  It was causally ambling down the middle of the dirt road, maybe thirty feet in front of us.  He was a beautiful creature, cinnamon brown, with cream colored fur across his neck and upper back, almost like a mane.  The moment he spotted us, that fat bundle of fur, turned and was gone up the bank.  It was almost straight up on that side of the road, but there was no trace of him as we passed by.


I was so excited! GOD had given me my desire, and let me see a real live bear, in his own habitat.  Alan laughed at my animation.  But when GOD gives you a desire of your heart, it is absolutely thrilling!

Once more, I found GOD’s word is true.  “No good thing will GOD withhold from them who walk uprightly” (Psalm 34:11). So, my friends, “Delight yourself also in the LORD, and HE shall give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.




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