Don’t YOU care?


Don’t YOU care?

All in one day: I learned my oldest girl was in danger, the high school contacted me about problems with another child, my husband was out of work and very depressed, I came home to a problem with my 3 year old, the very same day, the manager at work broke his foot and the assistant manager took over and gave my position—the one I had worked so hard to get—to the pretty young girl he was trying to impress, even though she didn’t do her job.  Besides all that, there was a tornado warning.


Sometimes, it seems like it is one thing right after another, and no body cares, doesn’t it?


It had been a long day of preaching and healing the sick, JESUS was tired.  So as HE and the disciples took the boat across the lake, JESUS fell asleep with HIS head on a cushion- just as you might put your head on a pillow and fall asleep after a busy day. But the wind came up, and a furious storm broke loose, causing high waves to beat against the little boat.  It began to fill with water. Yet, JESUS slept on.  Fearful and frustrated, they woke JESUS up.  They cried out, “Don’t YOU care that we are going to drown?”(Mark 4:35-41).

Have you been there? Or perhaps, right now are you in some dreadful “storm,” with the winds howling, and the waves crashing, filling your boat with water?  Does it feel like GOD doesn’t care?
I am here to say, from experience, HE does care.  I have been there in fierce storms, with water filling my boat, and seemingly no way out- more times than I can tell.  Some of those times, it seemed like GOD didn’t care. But each of those times, when I cried out to HIM, HE rose up and calmed me, just as HE rose up that day on the sea of Galilee and said, “Hush, be still!”  As the wind ceased that day, bringing a peaceful calm, so HE calms me.  The storm around me, sometimes continues, but always, JESUS calms me within, and I know with certainty that HE will carry me through whatever I’m in.  HE always has, and I know HE always will.  For, GOD cares!(2 Corinthians 1:8-11)

Are you in a storm now?  Do things seem bad, even hopeless? Cry out to HIM, for JESUS cares.  HE came to save.  First and foremost, if we will only believe, JESUS saves us from the punishment of sin- HE did that on the cross.  Day in, day out JESUS wants to save and deliver us from the problems we face, and the power of sin over us.  But, we have our part.  GOD says, “…I will do it for them.  But I want them to ask ME…” (Ezekiel 36:36-37).

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.



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