HE had other plans

if GOD

The big Mother’s Day brunch was coming up, but my daughters were all working, so they couldn’t join me.  I asked a friend to come, but she had plans with her daughter.  Since finances were a bit low, I decided to stay home.  But, that was not GOD’s plan, for out of the blue, someone bought me a ticket.

I caught a ride to the brunch with a gal in the program, and when I got there found a seat close to the front, so I could hear the speaker.  I saw a lot of friends, walked around, chatted and even prayed with a few.  Then settled down in my perfect spot, awaiting the program to begin.  Just then, one of the greeters came to me, she informed me that the friend I had invited, had come after all, but was sitting all by herself.

Looking around, I saw there was no seat open near me.  Although sorry about losing my perfect spot, yet delighted my friend had come, I jumped up and found my way to her table, way to the side of the conference dining room.  I hadn’t had any time to sit and talk with her for quite a while, and it was fun catching up.  But, I was also aware that I was quite far from the speaker.  With my severe hearing impairment, especially bad now with one aid dead and the other faulty, location for lip reading is important.  I knew physically, I would not be able to hear the speaker, so lifted up a silent prayer, “Sure would like to hear Rhonda, LORD.  Please.”

The food was great, as was the music.  Then Rhonda began to speak.  Nothing.  I couldn’t make out a word.  “OK, LORD, what do YOU want me to do while she speaks?”  Looking out over the 350 women, I began praying for the speaker, and the hearers.  Toward the end or her message, I heard a word here and there, then I clearly heard Rhonda say,  “One of my favorite verses, JESUS said, ‘If anyone follows ME, he shall not walk in darkness, but have light..” (John 8:12).  I couldn’t suppress the smile for those words spoke volumes to me.

Recently, during a time of not knowing what to do, I read that verse.  It countered my immediate experience, since I didn’t know the next step to take.  So I cried out to GOD, “I have done all I know to do, just as YOU said.  So why don’t I know the next step?  This verse says I won’t walk in darkness.”  HIS answer was quick.  “So don’t do anything.  To follow ME, you must see ME leading.  If you can’t see ME leading, you cannot follow.  Therefore, if you don’t know the next step, wait for ME.  It is not yet time to move.  Trust ME, I will lead you, when the time is right.”

At the end of the brunch, I walked across the conference dining room looking for the gal who brought me.  Along the way, I saw and chatted with many who, due to having three services at church, I had not seen in a long time.

As we walked out to her car, Kathy asked me if I had enjoyed the brunch.  “Yes,” was my reply,  “except, I didn’t hear but one sentence of Rhonda’s entire message.”

She said, “Oh, no!”

To which I countered, “I was blessed anyway!  That one sentence contained a verse that GOD recently clarified for me.  Then, I began to explain all about what JESUS had revealed to me concerning John 8:12. Realizing, that in my excitement of GOD’s reminder, I was babbling, I asked her to forgive my going on and on.  She shook her head side to side and affirmed me by stating, “No, I needed to hear that.”

She is facing some desired changes, but is not quite sure of how some aspects of the changes are going to play out.  You might say, she is in the dark concerning how to handle certain things.  The word the LORD gave me, spoke directly to the question of her heart, assuring her that at the right time HE will show her what to do.

Isn’t the LORD good?  I truly was blessed for the LORD rewarded me three times over for sacrificing of my perfect spot, resulting in my not hearing the bulk of Rhonda’s message (which are always so good).  Although I missed a word from her, I got a word from my LORD, I had great catch up time with Donna, plus an opportunity to encourage another.

It wasn’t me doing the encouraging, for I was oblivious to Kathy’s need. But, that didn’t stop GOD.  As I overflowed with the joy that filled me from hearing GOD speak a word of reminder to me, she was encouraged by GOD HIMSELF.  As I related the LORD’s words to me, GOD spoke a word of confirmation directly to Kathy.  HE’d just chosen to use me as HIS mouthpiece.

Don’t hesitate to speak when you feel you just have to share something GOD showed you.  It may be just what the others need to hear.

Man’s steps are ordered and ordained by the LORD.  How then can a man (fully) understand his way? (Proverbs 20:24).

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.




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