My All in All

Diversity is the mantra of the day. Yet we are all so alike inside. We hunger for a wide variety of different things and experiences and emotions and successes, but we are amazingly alike. And whatever all we long for, we’ll only find satisfaction, genuine, real, true satisfaction in Christ Jesus, our All in All.


It’s human nature, and we’re all human, right? I sometimes wonder if God Himself can satisfy us. If the weather is hot, we gripe. If the temperatures fall cold, we gripe. When it’s dry, we grouch. When it rains, we grump. No breeze – can’t breathe. Breezy? We think we’re being blown into Kansas.


Single? Oh, how we look with longing at the sweet interaction of a couple. Married? Well, if you just knew what he’s really like you wouldn’t think things were so rosy. Good job? Yes, but I get up every day and work like a dog to get things done around there and no one appreciates a thing I do. No job? Sure do wish I could get up and go to work every day.


And don’t get started on kids. How about if we leave it at this: “Wouldn’t take a million for the ones we have, and wouldn’t give a nickel for another one.”

And body image – we can spend endless amounts of time torturing ourselves about this one. I wish I were thin. I wish I had curves. I wish I hadn’t had all those crazy kids that resulted in these stretch marks. I think I’ll go blonde. Or burgundy. Or blonde and burgundy. What magic face cream have you heard of lately? I’m desperate for anything that will erase the wrinkles that scream my age right out in front of God and everybody. And this tummy! No exercise in the world can tame this one! Or my bulges and thighs and hips and on and on and on. We’re really hard on ourselves, aren’t we? We don’t need any help from the devil. We can damn ourselves in a heartbeat.


How about your spiritual life? Well, I work, have half a dozen kids, and a husband who is like having another kid, and the house to keep halfway clean and running. And we help with his mom and dad, ‘cause they’re getting older, you know. I’m a million things at church and in the community. And we do have to eat. When do you think I might have time to be spiritual? Pastor Dave had better come up with a good one, or I’ll catch a nap because I finally have time to sit down. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love the Lord. He’s my All in All.


Yes, He is. He’s waiting to be. He’s offered to be. He is, if we’ll let Him be. And so, while we wave the banner and rally behind the diversity cry, we find ourselves so very much alike. Human girls. Hungry for an All in All.


One Body. One Spirit. One Hope of our calling. One Lord. One faith. One God and Father of us all, Who is above all, and through all, and in you all. One Father. We’re sisters! Yes, we’re different. But we’re sisters. One family – the family of God. What if – imagine this – what if we stopped being so hard on ourselves and started cheering each other on? What if we looked to our in-common All in All and drew our peace and strength and passion and joy and rest from Him? And shared it with each other? What if I could see both myself and you in the Light of His Love for each of us?

Our All in All loves us in spite of stretch marks and facial wrinkles. He actually likes us and our kids and our husbands!!! He thinks we’re an amazing bunch of sister-gals, whether we’re single or married, chubby or rail thin, rich or unemployed. He wants to be my All in All, and He wants to be your All in All. He will use your talents and the gifts He’s given you, but He is ready to be your All in All even if you think He left you out of the gift department.


You’re special, and don’t you ever doubt it. He died to prove that to you. And you’re unique. He saw to that, too. I mean, look at the impossible variety of flowers, and animals, and snowflakes, for crying out loud. Of course, you’re unique. But you’re wonderfully like all the rest of us, too. We’re sisters. Let’s rally behind that banner, shall we? And snuggle deep into our All in All. Only then will we find the true satisfaction we long for.


Jamie Lucero

1 Timothy 1:17


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