He calls us to rest


Last weekend was my favorite of the year, Resurrection Sunday. The days leading up to the “big day” were quite crazy. I spent 15 hours at church on Friday. (It was a wonderful 15 hours, but still… exhausting.) Another 9 hours on Saturday, and of course all three services on Sunday. While I love spending my time at church? That much time anywhere will wear anyone out! I was looking forward to a relaxing Monday!

Then? This past week the flu hit my house. We have spent the past four days laying in bed, attempting to watch movies but alternating between being too tired and falling asleep, or too uncomfortable to focus.

I was fortunate, in that rather than the full blown flu? I just seem to have a cold, and have the chance to sit back and relax a bit. (If you can consider caring for a family with influenza to be restful – which sadly? At this point in my life, I can.)

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

After spending a full 48 hours in my pajamas (excluding a trip to the doctors office, where I managed to make myself presentable) I decided that it was time to spend some time with God.

It started with a Facebook post from a friend. She made a comment that too many people find spending time in The Word boring. That living a life for God seems bland to those who live their life with the world. And it got me thinking.

I had dedicated all kinds of time to God lately. I had spent entire days at church, serving and helping prepare. But I had been neglecting my own private time with Him. I hadn’t opened my Bible in a few days. My beloved prayer notebook sat untouched in my purse. It wasn’t at all that I found his word boring, but that I’d been putting other things ahead of time with Him. (And it took a silly facebook post to make me realize it!)

So while I have spent this week with a 7 year old curled up by my side? I have taken the chance to enjoy the quiet. To dive into His Word. To talk with him, truly talk to him. This season of illness that has spread through my house brought me so much more than coughs and headaches.

It made me realize that perhaps he was using this time to get my attention. To remind me that while I am crazy busy, I still need to carve out the time and make my relationship with Him a priority.

So while my family continues to mend, I am going to relish in these few moments of quiet. That the soft breathing of my sleeping 7 year old is a reminder that I need to come to him at all times – but especially when I am busy and frantic.

-Jacque-Hebrews 6:19


One thought on “He calls us to rest

  1. Jacque, Such a beautiful truth, and beautifully told. Reminds me of that old saying. “If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you too busy.” Isn’t awesome that our marvelous GOD overrules and teaches us when to stop and rest (even if it takes the flu to do it?)

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