Chips anyone?


Remember the old Lays Potato Chip commercial?  “’You can eat a million of them, but you can’t eat just one.”  Research has disclosed there is a particle of truth in that ad.   There are two kind of foods that cause cravings: salty carbs and sweets. So when I am sitting around, I know better than to leave a bag of salty chips by me. Whether I am hungry or not, if it is there, I will catch myself reaching out and nibbling one after another. I will push the bag away from me, and then my husband will push it back saying, “Get this out of my face.” For he has the same problem I do. LOL I must get up, and put the bag away, if I am to stop munching. Out of sight, is out of mind.


As my children were growing up they were supposed to keep their rooms tidy. But, often I would have to say, “Go clean your room!” One of my daughters- I won’t say who- believed the out of sight out of mind philosophy and so raked everything under her bed. At a quick glance, I would be fooled into thinking she did as I had asked. But after awhile, I caught on. So when I went in to check her room, I would automatically go over and lift the skirt of her bed, which always exposed a mess crammed under there.


Just days before the Passover, a large crowd of Jews found out that JESUS was at Lazarus’ house in Bethany, and came -not just to see JESUS, but also to see Lazarus whom JESUS had raised from the dead.   The chief priests were jealous of JESUS’ popularity. They got together to brainstorm what could be done. It was decided they needed to put Lazarus to death, along with JESUS, since because of him, many of the Jews believed in JESUS (John 12:9-11).


The chief Jewish priests were insanely jealous, because people were following JESUS and listening to HIS words, instead of listening to them. They were not concerned about the truth, but wanted to be looked up to, caring greatly what people thought of them. They craved position and attention.


Human jealousy is on the list of the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:20), and is demonic (James 3:14-16). It is ugly, and like cancer it destroys. These leaders, controlled by jealousy, drew near to GOD with their lips (they talked about GOD) but their hearts were far from HIM (Matthew 15:8). Thinking from the human perspective, as my daughter had, out of sight out of mind.   If they could only kill JESUS and Lazarus, the people would turn back to revere them.


I really think the chief priests thought they were OK. We see their sin, but they didn’t. Whenever we see sin in another, we are warned in the Bible to consider ourselves, lest we be tempted to do the same thing (Galatians 6:1). For if we fall into judging them, the Bible says we condemn ourselves (Romans 2:1).


Is there any area of your life, or mine where we are jealous?

Maybe, just want the attention someone else is getting?   Perhaps even think we can do what they are doing better than them. Remember, jealousy shows that one is walking in the flesh. Those who are in the flesh, cannot please GOD, for the flesh refuses to submit itself to GOD, but demands it’s own way (Romans 8:7-8). Sometimes, the only way we know if we are in the flesh is by recognizing one of the characteristics of the flesh in ourselves, or notice that we are lacking some fruit of the SPIRIT (like peace or longsuffering).  Therefore, we need to get to know what the characteristics walking in the flesh has, as well as what things will be seen when we are in the SPIRIT (when the HOLY SPIRIT is leading us). By knowing those qualities, we have a gauge, or marker to measure and see where we are.


When my kids were little, and now with my grandkids one doorframe in the kitchen is used to measure each child’s height. In that way, we can see how much they are growing.   In the same way when we feel anger, we know to put it aside for it is of the flesh. If we lack peace, then we know that we are not in the Spirit and need to ask HIM to take control.


There is a verse that helps me check things out.   If in anyway you disagree, take it to JESUS, HE will help you see things for what they really are (Philippians 3:15).


Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.




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