The opening in this rock is very much like the one I crawled into one day when I was far from camp and it started raining very hard. It was my place of refuge.

I spent several years working up at Camp Elim, both as staff, and as a counselor. The weeks I worked on staff, I had an opportunity to get away from camp and alone with GOD, by taking walks before daylight and after all my work was done in the evenings. I had a favorite spot nestled in the trees, with several boulders here and there. One day as I was talking to the LORD, the sky opened up and a heavy rain began pouring down. I looked around for some cover- there was a cleft in a rock with an overhang. So I ran to it and crawled into the crevice. There I stayed protected from the deluge. That rock was my refuge- a shield that kept me dry.


GOD is that for me. When crisis hits, and there have been a lot of them lately,  I run to GOD my refuge and my shield.. HE is always there for me. HE never lets me down. HE will do the same for you.


“…HE is my rock, my refuge” (Psalm 62:7).


“For Yahweh (the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY) enjoys HIS people, HE will save the humble. Let HIS people rejoice in this honor. Let them sing for joy as they lay on their beds” (Psalm 149:4-5 LB).


“The LORD takes pleasure, yes delights in them that fear HIM, in those who hope in HIS mercy” (Psalm 14:11).


Just stop and think about that, that very thought that GOD takes pleasure and delight in us is as awesome thing. GOD made us because HE wanted us. HE made us and delights in us, but HE does not need us.


We, on the other hand, need HIM.


“YOU are my refuge and my shield, and YOUR promises are my only source of help” (Psalm 119:114).


Let HIM be your rock and your refuge.


Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfector of my faith,



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