Mix it up


Recently, even though many prayed, a sweet little girl died; a godly teacher is struggling to get enough breath to survive after being administered too much of a drug after surgery which damaged his lungs; my son in law is unable to walk, and struggles with pain because of a spinal tap done in the ER, but he can’t get help, and a man lost his job.  Besides the pain involved, there are questions.

When unexpected troubles hit and we struggle in believing that GOD has a better plan, it’s because we are listening to the devil, that old serpent.  As he said to Eve, he says to us, “Did GOD really say?”  His strategy worked so well with her, and on through the ages with the rest of us, he has never changed it.


It helps me at these times, to recognize who is doing the talking.  It isn’t me questioning GOD, it is the accuser- the devil (see Genesis 3:1-4).  The enemy wants me to turn against GOD and HIS word, just as Eve did.  So he subtlety whispers his accusations in such a way it seems as though they come from me.

What I am speaking about here are the doubts against GOD, (not other aspects of these situations).  It is warfare-the battle for our minds.  For what we think (the principle we act on/the light in us) determines what we do and who we are.

By recognizing the source of the accusations, is my enemy and not me, I become alert to being in the battle.

Many, many years ago, as I was just learning about spiritual warfare, I was being greatly tempted in a situation.  I heard a whisper, “It’s the battle, Sharon!”  That word woke me up.  When I assumed those other thoughts were from me, I didn’t fight.  I knew they were wrong, but I didn’t fight.  Why fight yourself? It’s a losing battle.  But, when GOD showed me that it was the enemy shooting fiery darts of lies into my mind, I stood up to fight.

Our warfare is not again flesh and blood (people like the boss who fired my friend’s husband, or the doctor whose mistake is crippling my son in law, or the one who administered the wrong meds damaging my friend’s lungs), but against rulers, against authorities, against powers (in other words- ranks of fallen angels).  We must stand our ground against the devil’s schemes/ his lies for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).  (See Ephesians 6:10-18 which defines our battle and 7 things GOD has given us to protect us and fight with.)

But I just want to deal with one aspect.  The devil shouts lying accusations and we will either believe him or must stand up and fight his lies.  JESUS fought him with the word of GOD (see Matthew 4:3-11)

The doubt is a fiery dart, we have to lift up the shield of faith (believing in GOD and HIS word) to quench them.  Then the lies must be countered with the word of GOD.  That means we say it out loud.  Now, we cannot see how speaking GOD’s word will work, but it does.  GOD guarantees it (Isaiah 55:8-11).

Take for instance the cry of an email reader of mine.  Today she wrote, I am struggling to believe that GOD has a better plan, now that my husband lost his job.

Here are a couple of texts that we could speak against this lie.

All this is for your benefit,…therefore we do not lose heart…for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs the trouble of today…so look not at what  you can see (the situation) but at what you cannot see (what GOD is achieving through the situation) for what is seen (your situation) is temporary, but what you can’t see (what GOD is achieving for you through it) is eternal (2 Corinthians 4:15-18).

GOD is actively conspiring to work (mix together) all things together for an end result of good (Romans 8:28)

Think of life as if GOD is making a cake: we get the ingredients and mixer out.


Raw eggs (yuck- do we really need that?)

Flour, baking powder (dry and not tasty)

Shortening (slimy, not tasty, on its own, kind of makes you want to puke)

Salt (not too bad)

Flavoring (not good by itself)

Milk (OK)

Sugar (yummy)

Most of the ingredients by themselves are hard to get down.  But mix them together, put them in a hot oven, bake them at a set heat for a specific amount of time, and you will have a delicious desert.  But a cake without eggs, baking powder, or flour, or shortening would just be a mess. Even all the ingredients mixed together, without the heat of the oven would not be safe to eat.

In the same way, GOD uses the hard things of life to mold us and prepare us.  HE loves us, and HIS plan for us is good.  So let’s trust HIM, the hard stuff is needed.

Don’t fall for the scheme of the devil when he lies to you and shoots fiery darts of doubt concerning GOD,  or GOD’s word to you.  Those lies are a trap.  A trap to enslave you to do his will.

Since the sword of our warfare is given us by the Holy SPIRIT, I find it best to ask the HOLY SPIRIT for a verse, in the heat of battle,  if HE doesn’t just come to mind.

Remember the battle is on.

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Perfector of my faith,






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