A Mustard Seed

as small as a mustard seed

My Aunt Evelyn gave me a necklace when I was a young girl. It looked like a clear glass marble with a little tiny round thing in its center. She told me it was a mustard seed. I treasured it long after the chain broke because I treasured my Aunt Evelyn.

Jesus said the mustard seed was the smallest of seeds (Matthew 13:31) and that if we had the faith the size of a mustard seed nothing would be impossible to us. (Matthew 17:20.)

I got my mustard seed from my aunt but faith comes from hearing and hearing by Christ speaking a word to us. (Romans 10:17) It may be whispered to us as we read the Word of GOD or when we see a need. It comes as an inner knowing. That inner awareness if accepted creates faith that can do the seeming impossible because it is GOD’s will. And if we ask anything according to the will of GOD we know that we will get it. (I John 5:14,15.)

If you lack faith, go to the ONE who creates faith in us by speaking to us. Ask and it will be given unto you …

Looking unto JESUS the Author and Perfecter of my faith,

Sharon Manning


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