Beaver Dams

beaver dam cottonwood lake

It is summer and time to go camping.  Once we camped near some beaver dams a few miles down the road from Cottonwood Lake. The kids were awed by the dams.  On one side there was a pool but on the other side of the dams a small stream trickled out.   The kids wanted to see the beavers but with their exuberant noise it was no wonder the beavers kept themselves hidden.

Once that stream was a babbling brook with its water free flowing.  Now there was just a trickle.

JESUS promised that everyone who believed in HIM would have rivers of living water flowing from  inside of him.

The Word of God clarifies that those rivers of living waters spoke of the Holy SPIRIT.  Whom believers would get after JESUS sacrifice for our sins and HIS following glorification when HE was received with honor in heaven.  (John 7:38,39)

Now that JESUS has been glorified and is seated at the right hand of GOD the FATHER, the moment someone believes in JESUS he receives and is sealed by the Holy SPIRIT Ephesians 1:13  Henceforth, according to JESUS’ promise, rivers of water should flow from him.

What can that possibly mean?

Actually, that means several different things. But let’s just look at one of them.  The Holy Spirit resides within the believer and bears HIS fruit (which are aspects of HIS divine nature) in us.  It, The fruit of the Spirit is healing and overflows through us to others as rivers of living water

II Peter 1: 2-4 tells how we have been given everything (we lack not one thing) we need for life here on earth and for entrance into heaven and for godliness.  If we use, the great and precious promises HE gives us we will escape the corruption of the world.  Then verses 5-7 lists qualities we are to be using.  Notice they are all fruit of the SPIRIT. (see Galatians 5:22,23)  Therefore, we are being told to use the fruit of the SPIRIT.  How do we do that?

It is just a matter of asking the Holy SPIRIT for it.

When I feel frustrated and need peace, I simply acknowledge my need and HIS supply by running to the throne of grace and saying I need peace.  Immediately I am given the help I need.


Sometimes I don’t get it.  When that happens, I ask, “Why?” For something is blocking the Holy SPIRIT’s flow of living water in and through my life.  Just like those beavers blocked the flow of the stream, by sin or independence I block the flow of living water.


If I ask, GOD is faithful to show me what is wrong.  If I confess, I am forgiven and the rivers of living water begin flowing again. I John 1:9


So don’t be a beaver, let the rivers of water flow.


Looking unto JESUS the Author and Perfecter of my faith,



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