Lightning Strikes

lightning 2

This is a shot from my front porch of the lightning we had last night.  I feel like the weather is illustrating our family situation. For days we have had bright sunshine until the storm hit. As a bolts of lightning lit up the sky one after another last night, so another jolt struck me with deep pain when yet another heartbreaking family issue came to light just days after the unveiling of situation that nearly knocked me to my knees. These crises seem to be getting worse and worse. The enemy’s taunts, sounding so like my own inner voice but this one mocks, accusing GOD.   I want to cry out, “Why LORD?  how long?” but GOD whispers, “Just trust ME, I know what I am doing.”

It’s the prototype duo… an angel-messenger on one shoulder and a demon on the other. We laugh at the characterization, nevertheless it is an unseen reality of the spirit world interacting with us.

GOD tells us over and over to wait on the LORD. Psalm 27:14, Isaiah 40:31 Lamentations 3:25,26  HE warns us against leaning on our own understanding/ being wise in our own eyes Proverbs 3:5-7 and lighting our own fires (finding our own solutions) Isaiah 50:11. 

The classic example of lighting our own fires is Abraham, after years and years of waiting on GOD, goes along with Sarah’s plan to have him get her slave girl pregnant so he would have a son like GOD had promised.  It looked like they were helping GOD achieve what HE had promised.   Today we watch in horror the awful ongoing consequences of their solution: the pain and sorrow that continue from that choice as we see the Arabs (descendants of Abraham and Sarah’s slave girl) hatred of the Jews (the promised descendants of Abraham and his wife Sarah) overflow in violence.

With that faithful reminder from the HOLY SPIRIT John 14:26 I am encouraged not to interfere with my plots and plans for I realize that I am not part of the answer, I choose to believe GOD and obediently wait expectantly for HIM to act. For GOD is actively conspiring to work all things together for an end result of good for those who love HIM and are the called according to HIS purpose. Romans 8:28 HE will use even this new issue to achieve for us. 2 Corinthians 4:15-18  But I will continue to pray concerning them until HE does, just as Elijah kept praying for rain until a tiny puff of a cloud was spotted. I Kings 18:42-45

As the LORD encouraged me last night, I decided I will give thanks in this situation, just as I am instructed. I don’t feel thankful, but GOD doesn’t say I must feel anything, HE just said give thanks (offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving).   I Thessalonians 5:18 That I can and will do.


Our enemy brought these last two issues back to mind this morning. Then the HOLY SPIRIT whispered JESUS’ words to me, “Let not your heart be troubled (in other words don’t let the enemy stir you up), believe in GOD the FATHER, believe in ME. John 14 ;1

So I knelt to pray and handed these burdens back into my mighty GOD’s  hands trusting HIM to be at work and  HIS peace that throws me beyond having to understand  flooded over me, just like water flooded the streets last night.  Philippians 4:6,7

Looking unto JESUS the author and perfector of my faith,



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