News! New Writer Introduction!

Ladies, we are blessed! God has seen fit to bring another sweet sister alongside Jamie, Hosanna, and Jodi to bring you weekly encouragement! I’m happy to introduce Jacque Korell as our newest writer. She will be taking over the third week of the month…meaning you will be seeing a blog post from Jacque THIS week!


Jacque (2)Jacque Korell is a transplant from Nebraska, having lived in Colorado since 2002. After marrying her high school sweetheart and spending five years traveling the country as a truck driver, she settled back in Pueblo to stay at home with their daughter, Skyler. About that time she found herself wandering into Family Worship Center and never left.

Jacque was raised Lutheran, but like a lot of us, went through a rebellious period, pretending she didn’t believe in the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Much like the Prodigal Son, she realized her life was missing something – Someone. After returning to the Lord and to church, she realized that, though the enemy meant the time she spent running away from God for harm, God meant it for good. He put in her heart a passion for ministering to new Christians and prodigals who have walked a similar path.

Jacque loves all things electronic and can normally be found in the sound booth during church events. When not at church or homeschooling, she is either reading or blogging for All Things Pueblo ( and is a passionate Colorado Avalanche fan.


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