I sank down into my living room couch early this morning with a heavy heart. You see, I knew I had to write this blog.



Taken by First Glimpse Ultrasound


The cursor flashed on the blindingly white page but the words wouldn’t come. Finally, a combination of defiance and desperation moved my fingers to the keyboard. I wrote, then hit the backspace button. And tried again.


Today marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion on demand in America throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Abortion has since claimed the lives of more than 55 million innocent children, injured or killed hundreds of mothers (411 deaths from 1973 – 2008 alone), caused untold mental and emotional anguish for countless men and women, and placed our nation under the crushing weight of bloodguilt.


The shed blood of the innocent calls out to God for justice, and though no right to abortion is found in our Constitution nor abortion-on-demand ever voted for by the people, all nine months of a child’s life in the womb are legally expendable.


4-D Sonogram

Taken by First Glimpse Ultrasound



No one is immune to abortion’s devastating effects because we cannot devalue one class of human life without diminishing the value of all human life. “The cultural environment for a human holocaust is present,” sociologist William Brennan said, “whenever any society can be misled into defining individuals as less than human and therefore devoid of value and respect.”  


Biology and medical practice leaves no ambiguity that at the moment of conception, a unique life has begun. Scientific evidence shows that an unborn baby is alive, is a distinct individual, and is a member of the human species – in other words, he or she can only legitimately be described as a human life.


Greg Koukl once said that “If the unborn is not a human person, no justification for abortion is necessary. However, if the unborn is a human person, no justification for abortion is adequate.Observable science has confirmed that human life indeed begins at conception, therefore, the unborn is a human person, and no justification for abortion is ever adequate.


Feet Sonogram

Taken by First Glimpse Ultrasound


Proverbs 31:8 & 9 tell us to “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all the unfortunate. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.” Ladies, we cannot sit idly by in 2015 as millions of our country’s unborn are murdered and discarded. And we can no longer pretend to hold a Christian worldview if we say we don’t agree with abortion yet validate another’s pro-abortion stance.


To be personally against abortion but support another’s right to it is both self-contradictory and morally baffling. The only reason for being pro-life is the same reason that demands we stand against others choosing to have abortions: The unborn are human beings made in the image of almighty God, and as such, are of inestimable value.


We must open our mouths. We must speak up for the rights of the unborn – and for the plight of the women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Being for the child is not to be against the mother. It’s to ensure that both are guaranteed life and liberty.


maternity pic

Taken by Megan Hardre Photography


And we must open our mouths in prayer, boldly approaching the throne of grace in this time of need.


We must pray for our country, that repentance would be quick and forgiveness would be granted. For women, that they would come to see that what’s being sold as “freedom” is really slavery to someone else’s agenda. For men, that they would deafen their ears to the voices telling them it’s not their fight, and listen instead to the voice of truth, saying they must stand up for a woman’s right to choose life.

For our children, that they would grow up to be a voice for the voiceless. For parents facing an unplanned pregnancy, that they would know the joy and strength of the Lord and the love and support of the body of Christ. For those who’ve suffered an abortion, that they may know the healing forgiveness of the Savior and the joy of His salvation.


Both prayer and action are necessary to uphold the truth of the sanctity of human life. President Ronald Reagan wrote these timeless words in his passionate essay, Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation: “We will never recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the lives of others…There is no cause more important for preserving freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.”


America’s bloodguilt is great, but God’s grace is greater. Ladies, on this anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, let’s hope and pray for its reversal. Let’s remain vigilant in our defense of every person’s right to life. Let’s love and show compassion to those hurting from the loss of a child. Let’s honor and value all human life, thus working to preserve our God-given freedoms of life and liberty.


If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are pregnancy resource centers around the country ready to stand with those in need. In Pueblo, contact Tamara Axworthy and A Caring Pregnancy Center at 719-544-9312.


In His name and for His glory,

Jodi Greene


4 thoughts on “Bloodguilt

  1. Thank you for writing the hard words, the ones that don’t come easy. Thank you for remembering the innocent, and for encouraging ALL of the victims (including moms and dads) of this horrific, cultural nightmare we call “rights”. Well done.

  2. Doesn’t it make you just sick to your stomach that our country promotes this as a ‘right’? Right along with this lie are the other lies of women believing they can walk away from an abortion ‘free and devoid of shame or guilt’. In my life I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t suffered remorse and continually thought about the ‘could have been child’. Even those forgiven by Christ.

    • Yes, it does make me sick. Suicide is common among both men and women who’ve experienced abortion.

      Thankfully, Christ has taken all repented of sin and “nailed it to the cross.”

      Real life consequences do not necessarily stop, though, and regret is a real life consequence that lasts forever. Yes, indeed, it makes me sick.

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