“Taste and See”: A Call to Fall in Love

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing with my brother while the soothing voices of our parents could be heard in the background. Sometimes he and I drove matchbox cars along the imaginary roads of a soft pastel blanket. Sometimes we pushed our patient tabby-cat across the living room in a Tonka truck or doll stroller at warp speed. Sometimes we banged on pots and pans and sang at the top of our lungs and recorded our sessions on cassettes. We called it “church music”, and I still have those tapes.


But what always caught my attention was the soft and comfortable back-and-forth conversation of our parents. They talked about many subjects, but they were all centered on one thing: The Bible. For hours we’d play, and for hours they’d sit with their coffee and Bibles and commentaries and dictionaries at hand. They agreed and they disagreed, they laughed and they learned. They were students of what they loved, and they inspired me to love it, too.


Every day, my parents impressed the words of God on my heart and on my soul. They taught them to me and talked about them when we sat in our house and when we walked along the road, when we laid down, and when we rose up (Deut. 11:18&19).


In May of 1987, my mama bought me a burgundy leather King James Bible inscribed with my name. It was my very first grown-up Bible. I was nine years old. I began that day, and I read daily until I finished it. I didn’t have all the answers about how to study the Bible, I didn’t yet have a clue what it would come to mean to me, but in the pages of that burgundy Bible, I found the One whom my heart loves.


Burgundy Bible

Open Bible

Day after day, year after year, I’ve fallen more and more in love with the Word of God. I dig into word studies and topical studies and studies about people and places and events. But it all started when one person handed me a Bible and showed me Jesus.


Ladies, do you have a heart for God yet find His Word hard to understand? Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness but don’t always see God’s heart in Scripture? Or perhaps you love the Bible and read it with excitement and clarity yet desire to take it in even more fully. All it may take for you to fall in love with reading the Bible is one eye-opening weekend: This weekend.


This coming Friday and Saturday, November 7th and 8th, the Sisters’ ministry of Family Worship Center is holding an in-house women’s retreat, focusing solely on the one needful thing: To sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His Word (Luke 10:42). If you’re hungry for more of God, ladies, come and be blessed – come taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8).


Women's Retreat


The festivities begin Friday evening at 6:30 pm. Goodies and refreshments will be served (think chocolate!) as we get to know one another and worship our King together until 9 pm. Saturday morning will bring us back together at 8 am when a delicious breakfast will be served by the handsome men of the church. Bring an appetite, because lunch will be served, too!


Bring your Bible and come fellowship with us as we soak in the very presence of God Himself! We’ll hear from speakers who love the Word of God more than life itself. We’ll play games and laugh until our sides hurt. We’ll discover odd and humorous facts about the Bible that we never even knew we wanted to know!


Tickets are just $20 for the weekend and $25 if you would like an event T-shirt. There is limited time to get your tickets, so please call Paula Williams by Wednesday at 719-240-9458 for more information.


Don’t miss this, ladies. This could be the beginning of a whole new love affair with the very Word of the One Who gave Himself up for us.


In His name and for His glory,

Jodi Greene


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