Shine Like the Moon

You can learn a lot about who a person is just by watching her. If you pay attention, you don’t even have to know someone to get a good feel for what she treasures. Tan lines, grocery store purchases, muscle size, and accent alone can tell you if a person is a swimmer or a local bistro owner, a gym member or an east coast native.


One thing I automatically notice about people is whether or not they are wearing a wedding band – and, if they are, I watch closely for the corresponding actions and attitudes. When together, do couples wearing wedding rings hold hands or walk apart? Do they smile or scowl at one another? Do they flirt with others or with each other? When alone, do their actions imply that they are happily married, or still looking?


As I observe the wide variety of married couples at parties, the grocery store, sporting events, and walking their dog down the street, I begin to wonder how I measure up. When with my husband, would someone be able to tell that I love and respect him by how I act toward him, look at him, and speak to him? Am I allowing others to see a true and loving picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church (Eph. 5:32)? But even further, am I in any way recognizable in casual observation as a follower and disciple of Christ?


“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit…Thus by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:16 &20.


  •   Can my husband truly say that I am swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger (Ja.1:19)? (Ouch!)
  •   Has my daughter come to expect gentleness and patience in my responses to her (Galatians5:22,23)?
  •   Do strangers see me experiencing peace and joy in adverse and challenging circumstances (Neh.8:10;Is.26:3)?
  •  Can my friends easily discern the quality of a meek and quiet spirit within me (1 Pet.3:4)? (Who, ME?!)
  •  Do my works complement my faith (Ja.2:14,20)?
  •  Can my enemies recognize my love (John13:35), and does my boss see faithfulness in my work (Luke16:12)?


Sisters, our passions are easily perceived by those around us, and our fruit will either reflect our love of self, or our love for the Lord. May God give us the strength and discernment to examine ourselves, the grace to overcome our weaknesses, and passion for the salvation of others. May the fruit of our lives proclaim Christ for His glory.


“Lord, let me shine, shine like the moon

A reflection of You in all that I do

Lord, let me be a light for Your truth

Light of the world, I wanna be used to shine

for You.” ~ Salvador, Shine



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